Black In Nature

🌱 What is Nature School?

Nature/Forest Schools provide year round, outdoor programs connecting children and families to nature and the outdoors. The Indigenous communities have for centuries used the land to teach their children. Forest Schools originated in Denmark in the 1950’s. They are now gaining momentum Internationally and across Canada. These land-based schools are connecting children to nature through free play, exploring, wondering and wandering. Here children learn at their own pace in a natural setting, be it in a forest or an overgrown vacant lot, which they visit repeatedly over a period of time, preferably in all weather and seasons.

❄️ When do your programs run?

Black In Nature meets throughout the year. We generally follow the Ottawa District School Boards schedule, including holidays, breaks and closings due to inclement weather.  

🐾 What ages are the programs geared towards?

Ages 3-12 years or children that are toilet independent. 

🌳 Do we have to provide specific gear for our children?

Outdoor gear is Season specific as such we request that Parents of enrolled children contact us at info@blackinnature.ca prior to the start of your program.

🪺 What need does Black In Nature fulfill?

To provide an inclusive, accessible, safe and brave space where all Black children can connect with nature. 

One of the foundational goals of Black in Nature Forest School is to make our programs accessible to all Black children regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation, language, physical ability, or socioeconomic status.

We welcome all kids into our programs, Including children with exceptionalities. 

** Please Contact Us if there are ways in which we can better provide support to your child while at our programs and/or if you have questions about how your child might be able to participate in our programs. For example: in the past we have had children on the autism spectrum attend with a 1:1 aid for additional support. 

It is our goal not to let financial need be a barrier to accessing our programs. If cost is preventing your family or someone you know from participating in our programs, please contact us for information about our scholarships. We aim to provide at least one scholarship space for every program we run, so please, don’t hesitate to inquire.

🍃 Are your sites accessible?

We seek to dismantle the barriers to participation in Nature School by continuing to make our site physically as accessible for everyone as possible. 

☀️ How long are your day programs? 

We offer six-hour programming Monday to Friday from 9:00AM-3:30PM, Monday to Friday during March Break, Spring Weekend Programs, Full week Summer Camps.

Our Fall & Winter Programs will be posted in the summer. Please stay tuned and sign up to our Newsletter to see updates on upcoming Programs. 

🦎 My child has a peanut allergy - can we still apply?

Yes, your child can attend with a peanut allergy. However please be aware that there are tree nuts all over the forest floor and avoiding these are not possible. We never encourage children to put them in their mouths but skin contact is always a possibility.

🪵 Where are you located? 

Our school meets on private land in two locations, one in Ottawa East and one in Ottawa West. Our beautiful sites have access to forests, creeks, and meadow areas which support a deeper connection and understanding with nature. In the coming years we hope to expand and open more forest schools in other parts of the city. Please support Black In Nature with a donation if you'd like to help us succeed in this vision! 

🐣 What is your teacher to student ratio? 

2-3 Educators facilitate learning for 16-24 students per day.