Meet Our Team

Meet our Team 

The staff at Black In Nature plan and provide exceptional care to the children enrolled in our programs, providing them with guidance as they explore the natural world around them. They come with backgrounds in STEM and with extensive experience working with children of all ages.

Our staff are experienced, playful and intuitive facilitators & educators. We are proud to offer bilingual programming and a welcoming and inclusive space for Black children.

We would like to introduce you to the Core Lead Team members who make Black In Nature such a success!

Current Staff:

Lukeisha Andrews - Certified National (Canada-wide) Forest School Practitioner

Edson Joachim - Certifying Forest School Practitioner/ Bilingual Ontario Certified Teacher




Meet Our Lead Forest School Practioners

Lukeisha Andrews and Edson Joachim, not only design our Nature programs but bring the joy, laughter and excitement to Black In Nature.

Ms. Andrews is the CEO & Founder of Black In Nature and has been working as a Certified Forest School Practioner since 2016 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the space.

Mr. Joachim is the General Programs Manager in charge of the Black In Nature Programs. As a Francophone he found it difficult to find programs in French for this children. He is a fluently Bilingual Ontario Certified Elementary School Teacher. Mr. Joachim is completing his certification as a Forest School Practioner. He brings over a decade of experience working with young children in both official languages.

They both serve as current Board Members for the Black In Nature Not-for-profit organization.