Who We Are

Black In Nature 

Nature- Black in Nature believes that black children need repeated access to the same land, where  

they can explore and play at their own rhythms. We believe that black children need opportunities to explore a wide variety of natural experiences to develop such capacities as risk assessment, ecological awareness, and a feeling of belonging within the natural world.  

Art- Black in Nature aims to provide rich materials with which black children can explore creation  

and self-expression to make their learning visible. 

Community-  fostering a sense of community amongst our children in a safe and                    comfortable environment

Black in Nature aims to provide land-based, inclusive learning for Black people of all ages. We have already been providing this learning for children ages 3-12 years old. We value learning through play! Our educators use emergent curriculum and Inquiry based learning to provide interest led and child centered activities. We aim to foster community development within our groups as well as in the greater world.